Friday, August 02, 2013







Message from Chairman of Penang State Museum Board
YB Wong Hon Wai

I am delighted to contribute a message to the publication of Art Book in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary of Penang Art Society.

The establishment of Penang Art Society in 1953 confirmed the importance of Penang as the
art centre in Malaya, During the pre-Independent period, artists were involved in the formation of various art societies and grouping. Artists served voluntarily in them. Art activism was seen in 1950s despite the reality that art appreciation among the lay persons were considerably low and there were no proper venues for art.

Today, we have a vibrant art scene in Penang. The revitalization of George Town heritage enclave can be seen by many art galleries, musical performances and literary festivals. Murals and street sculptures are mushrooming in George Town. Modern gadgets and tools like IPad and smart phones have helped propagating new interests in the street art. Penang has been the venues for many enticing art exhibition and artworks by local and international artists and will continue to be the fertile hub for the art in this region.

I wish to commend the effort by the Penang Art Society for publishing this anniversary book which document the development of art in Penang and Malaysia.

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